Reflecting on the “art of coming home”: On TEDxYouth


I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a TEDx event this past Saturday in my hometown. I can’t remember when or how it was that I first discovered TED, but the talks, in its various incarnations as TEDx, TED-Ed or other localities provide a valuable resource which I use in class for students. Criticism of […]


Xenophobia in a multicultural society


To the outside world, Malaysia, despite its various problems with government corruption on a global scale, is a considerably moderate and multicultural society. For decades, various ethnicities have learnt to live with each other harmoniously. And truth be told, this is something that is very visible, particularly in Borneo where the hometown is situated. It’s […]


So this is what it’s like to fall in love again


My first episode of The X-Files, which I discovered on an unassuming Wednesday night in my first ever dingy little ground floor flat in Perth, Western Australia, was The Host, coincidentally written by series creator, Chris Carter. My fascination with the show’s subject matter, and particularly with the characters, prompted a weekly ritual of unplugging […]


“Your activism is only valid if it agrees with mine”


Funny thing, activism. I’ve spent the last few days observing how responses to the terrorist attack in Paris evolve from horror to full-on condescending admonishment. All that’s left at the end of the day isn’t forgiveness or feelings of solidarity; it’s confusion, it’s anger, and an even greater sense of hopelessness because I see friends […]


On social media, ‘Mary Sue RPF’ and consent


I have not really touched on fan fiction in my works in any significant ways, but I want to put this in the “work in progress” folder as I think through the realities and practicalities of continuing this vein of thought. In my academic work, I’ve written a fair bit on fan labour, arguing for […]


The double edged sword of “coming home”


When I accepted a lucrative job offer to return to my hometown, it meant relocating my entire life and that of my cat’s halfway across the world. Accepting academic jobs – or any jobs, for that matter – in a different country to that you were trained in was always something I accepted as part […]


On rage and CBC’s female-centred Western drama, Strange Empire


Last night, I was catching up on CBC’s new hour-long Western drama set on the border between Montana and Alberta in the 1860s. I’m not normally a fan of the Western genre, but the show features compelling female characters – in fact, it centres on the women and their struggles for survival after the men […]